Bananas For B6

Another plus factor of this remarkable vitamin is that it is a mild diuretic and helps to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. There is also evidence of it being helpful in of certain allergies; such as, asthma and some arthritic conditions. Good sources include meats, whole-grain products, vegetables, nuts, and bananas.

Pyridoxine is present, in high amounts, in such foods as fortified cereals, fortified soy-based meat substitutes, baked potatoes with skin, bananas, light-meat chicken and turkey, eggs, and spinach. Other abundant sources are Avocados, bananas, beans, blackstrap molasses, brown rice and broccoli. B6 is vitally important for a healthy nervous system, and it helps the body to break down proteins and helps our bodies to break down stored sugar, look more However, cooking, storage, and processing causes losses of vitamin B6: and, in some foods, this loss may be as much as half.

The deficiency symptoms of this vitamin may present as Anaemia (iron deficiency), and peripheral neuropathy, (Damage to nerve endings). A deficiency of Vitamin B6 has also been linked to cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

VitaminB12 (Cyanocobalamin)

It is one of the dozen or so B vitamins, and is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell in the human body. B12 especially affects DNA synthesis and regulation; and, also in the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids, and in the production of blood cells and the myelin sheaths that protect our nerve cells. Basically, myelin consists of cholesterol, and is made up by different cell types.

Myelin varies in chemical composition and configuration, but performs the same insulating function. Myelinated axons are white in appearance, hence the "white matter" of the brain. The fat of myelin helps to insulate the axons from electrically charged atoms and molecules, which may become "Free radicals", which can do untold damage to our cells.These charged particles are found in the fluid surrounding the tissues of our entire nervous system: under a microscope, myelin looks just like strings of tiny sausages.