Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Sleep Apnea?

The main connector without melatrol between the Sleep Apnea and the Post Traumatic Sleep Disorder is the patient's continual nightmares or flashbacks, so Episodes of breathing that are not constant, caused by Central Sleep Apnea, may occur more and more frequently, as the guest continues to relive, nightly, the traumatic issue. He or she relives the nightmare during REM sleep. The period of REM Sleep is thestage of slumber where the person dreams, and his or her pulse and breathing become more rapid.

Address Sleep Apnea and PTSD Separately

In society to effectively treat the Sleep Apnea and the PTSD, both disorders need to be properlydirected. In regard to discourse of the PTSD, family members are greatly encouraged to recover out the needs of the individual suffering from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's absolutely essential so the patient can lead as normal of life as possible. Kin members can serve such a person byinducing the individual to vent his or her repressed feelings. It is likewise important to note: PTSD is not just an adult disorder, it also strikes kids.

Caring for the PTSD, then will decrease the nightly episodes of shallow breathing; however, the Sleep Apnea still needs to be processed, typically with CPAP therapy, though each person's condition should be judged to resolve upon the best track of treatment.